Saturday, February 23, 2008

Newborn Hat and Socks

Baby Hat and Socks ( birth – 3 months) This makes a great gift for a newborn.
The pictures are of my first Grand daughter (Meika) born June 14, 2005 - She was 4 days old in these pictures. Such a cute baby and a wonderful model.

Baby Hat :

Material: Small amount of self patterning sock yarn (about 15gr.)
3 mm circular needle and double pointed needles
Tension: 30 st and 34 rows – 4” (10cm)
I included my tension but I don’t think it is that important for a hat.

Cast on 72 st. to circular needle or double pointed needles.
First row join the round being careful not to twist your stitches. Place a stitch marker to mark your beginning round. I use a piece of yarn of a very different colour and carry it up the hat as I knit so I can see where the round begins.
Knit all rounds until the hat measures 4 1/2" ( 12cm)

Shape crown:
*Knit 6 k2tog* repeat until end of round
*K 5 , K2 tog* repeat until end of round
Repeat these rounds decreasing the number of stitches between decreases. Until you have no stitches between decrease stitches.
Change to double pointed needles when it get tight on circular needles.
To make the different tops.
No top decoration: Thread the yarn through the remaining stitches and pull tight. Sew in your ends.
For the Knot top: knit the remaining stitches in the round for 4 " Cut yarn and thread this yarn through the stitches pull tight. Put the end down the centre of the knitting and tie a knot.
For the bow: divide your remaining stitches in 2 and knit in stocking st. until each long piece measures 7" or desired length. Join yarn to the other set of stitches. Repeat for the remaining divided stitches. When both long tails are finished, sew in your ends and tie a bow.
Baby socks:
Material: Small amount of self patterning sock yarn (about 20gr.)
2.25mm double pointed needles Tension: 32 st and 36 rows – 4” (10cm)
Cast on 32 sts. 8 – 16 -8 on 3 needles.
Join your round being careful not to twist the stitches and place a marker.
Rib: k1 p1 for 1”(2.5cm)
Change to knitting every round for 1” (2.5 cm)
K to the beginning of the 3rd needle knit 1 st from 3rd needle onto 2nd needle.
Slip 1 st. from the end of needle 1 onto needle 2 . Needle 2 has the instep stitches on it and needles 1 and 3 have the heel flap stitches.
Slip the remaining 8 sts. on needle 3 onto needle 1. Divide the instep stitches onto 2 needles for ease of knitting.
Knit the heel flap on needle 1 (16 stitches) as follows
Row 1: *k1 sl 1* repeat until the end
Row2: purl
Repeat these rows until the heel flap measures 1 ¼ “ (3.5cm)
Shape heel:
P7 p2tog. P1, turn
K2 sl1 k1 psso k1 turn
P3 p2 tog. P1 turn
K4 sl1 k1 psso k1 turn
P5 p2 tog p1 turn
K6 sl1 k1 psso k1 turn
You will have 8 sts. on your needle

Slip 16 st for instep onto one needle
With needle 1 and right side of sock facing you pick up and knit 8 sts. along the left side of the heel flap.
2nd needle knit 16 st.
with 3rd needle pick up and knit 8 sts. along right side of heel flap and knit 4 sts. off needle 1.
Stitches will now be arranged 12- 16 -12
K 1 round.
1st needle: knit to last 3 st. k2 tog. K1
2nd needle : knit
3rd needle: k1 sl1 k1 psso knit to the end.
Continue these 2 rows until there are 8 sts. on needle 1 and 3.

Knit until the foot measures 2” (5cm) from heel flap.

Shape Toe:
Put the first and last stitch from needle 2 onto needles 1 and 3 respectively
8 – 16 – 8
1st needle: knit to last 3 sts. k2 tog. K1
2nd needle: k1 sl 1 k1 psso knit to the last 3 sts. k2 tog. K1
3rd needle: k1 sl 1 k1 psso knit to the end

Knit 1 round
Repeat these 2 rows until you have 12 sts. on all needles 3 – 6 – 3
Slip sts. from needle 1 and needle 3 onto 1 needle. Graft the toe.


MJWhipps said...

thanks so much for this pattern, I have been looking for one to make my baby a newborn hat and this came out great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I've done the set once and am about to do it again. The moms around me are very happy with it.

EARantings said...

How long of a circular needle should I use for the hat? 16"? Thanks.

Kathleen said...

A lovely quick knit, but I have a question about the heel set up rows. If I have 8 - 16 - 8 stitches on needles 1 - 2 - 3, how do I still have 8 - 16 - 8 when I knit one from needle 3 onto 2 and slip one from needle 1 to needle 2. That would make 7 - 18 - 7.

I skipped the slipping/knitting step and proceeded with 16 stitches for the heel, but think I messed up the turn. Looks okay and I'm going with it. But would love to do it right the next time!

Amy said...

I have the same question as Kathleen. Also, when doing the turn as you recommend, I have 8 stitches at the end. I fudged it to get 8, but it doesn't look quite right.
In any case the set came out nicely, if not perfect!

Amy said...

I made a mistake in my comment. I meant when I turn I have 10 stitches and needed to fudge to get 8!

Natural Health and Wellness said...

Hi there, I love your set and TKU for sharing the pattern.
If I use 2.5mm, US size 1 needles how many stitches do you think I need to CO?
The point is I am making socks with very fine yarn and am knitting them on the above needles and they suit the yarn. Or will I just use the bigger needles you recommend and just have a loose gauge hat?
Cheers Karen

Natural Health and Wellness said...


Cindy said...

Thanks for this super easy to understand pattern

nimble thimble stitchery-do said...

So as mentioned in an earlier comment...after you move two stitches off your heel as you say to do that leaves you with 14 stitches which is the right amount for your heal tuen instructions but the. You have 18 on needle 2 not 16. Please advise.

Suzie said...

Thank you for the nice pattern.
many wishes from germany