Saturday, February 23, 2008


SCRAWL – SC – scarf, R – shrug, AWL - shawl
Designed by Shelley Mackie - Please note this pattern has been updated as of Aug 2007

This very fun garment can be worn as a scarf, a shrug, a shawl or a sash. It is light weight but very warm. Very easy to knit, basically it is sleeves with a long back. It is knit in one piece and there is no finishing required, just sew in the ends and go.

Difficulty Level
Quite easy

Gedifra Fashion Trend Sportivo - 50 gr. ball - 200 m (218 yd) 4 (5) balls
Sample Scrawl was knit with colour #5769
3.5mm (4 US) Double pointed needles
4mm (6 US) Double pointed needles
5mm (8 US) circular needle
6.5mm (10 1/2US) circular or straight needle
tapestry needle
Stitch marker
Small/ medium, ( large/ X-large)

The gauge is variable in the sweater and due to the stretch of the yarn and the relaxed fit of the scrawl it is not too important. My gauge on sleeve section in on 4mm needles was 24 st./ 30 rows for 10cm/4”.

The scrawl is knit in one piece beginning with one sleeve then knitting the lacy back then finishing with the second sleeve.

Using 3.5mm (4 US) DP needles cast on 48 ( 56) st. Place a stitch marker and being careful not to twist the stitches join the round and knit in ribbing Knit 1, Purl1 for 7.5cm / 3”

Change to 4mm (6US) DP needles increase one stitch at the beginning and the end of the first round, knit every round until 17.5cm /7” from the beginning
Increase 1 st. first and last stitch in the next round 52, (60) st. on the needle
Knit until 23 cm/9”(26 cm/ 10)” or desired length from your wrist to your elbow.

Change to 5mm/ (8US) circular needle and knit back and forth for the next section of the scrawl ( Note: This section can be very tight for the first few rows. You can work this transition from circular knitting to straight knitting easily by using several circular needles. Once you have knit a few rows you can go back to one circular needle)
Knit1 , yo, k1 repeat this until the last stitch k1. 104 (120) st. on needle.
Next row: k1, p to the last st. k1.
Then work in the following pattern for 23cm/9”, ( 26cm/10”)

Pattern row: knit1, *yo, knit 2 together* repeat, end with a knit 2 tog.
Repeat this row.
Place a marker and then change to 6.5mm(10 ½ US) needles.
Continue in the same pattern for 38cm/15” (43cm/17”)
Place a marker change back to 5mm/ (8US) needles
Continue in pattern for 23cm/9”, (26cm/10”) from the marker where you changed needle size.
Next round knit 2 together all across. 52, (60) st. on the needle
You will now change to the 4mm (6US) DP needles and knit the other sleeve in the round. Place a marker at the beginning of the round
Knit for 5cm/ 2” knit 2 together on the fist and last st. of the next round
Continue knitting until 23 cm/9”(26 cm/ 10)” or same length as your first sleeve.
knit 2 together on the fist and last st. of the next round

Change to 3.5mm (4 US) DP needles and knit in rib for 7.5cm/3”
Cast off loosely in ribbing.

Sew in your ends
Enjoy your new scrawl, shrug, scarf, shawl.
Have fun experimenting with ways to wear it.

Contact me if you have any problems with the pattern